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Most Common Causes of Blocked House Drains


In case your drains are blocked, the drainage in your house is probably going blocked. A number of components may trigger this, however as a rule, it has been brought on by one thing in your property. Blocked drains are by no means a pleasant factor. There’s no have to panic; it’s essential to cope with this as quickly as doable earlier than additional injury is completed. Blocked home drains generally is a actual ache and result in you having to name out a plumber. Many issues may trigger your drain to develop into blocked. Here’s a checklist of the commonest causes of blocked home drains.

Improperly Put in Pipes

In case you simply bought into a brand new dwelling and have seen issues together with your drains, this can be on account of improper set up or age-related points with the pipes. The very first thing you’ll have to do is determine the place precisely that is occurring. If it’s only one sink or bathe, it could possibly be an remoted incident that may be simply fastened with out having to name in an expert plumber. Nevertheless, in the event you discover a number of areas with drainage points all through your property, resembling bogs, it is likely to be time for an expert evaluation from a licensed plumber.

Fat, Oils and Grease

These can simply solidify within the drainpipes. It is because they’re made with fat and oils which may be cooked or fried on a pan, which may harden when cooled down. If not cleaned repeatedly, this strong accumulation could cause blockage. Whenever you flush the bathroom or run the dishwasher, fat, oils, and grease will circulation by means of the pipes till it reaches a clog. If you don’t flush after every mealtime or when utilizing the dishwasher, this will trigger frequent clogging of the drains in your own home.


Hair is a serious offender relating to drain blockages. It will possibly wrap across the pipe, forming a plug that causes the water to again up when your rest room or sink begins working slowly. Hair also can get caught within the entice beneath your sink or bathtub, inflicting an overflow and flooding your property.

One of the simplest ways to stop hair from clogging your drains is through the use of a stopper for every drain. Whenever you’re executed together with your bathe or tub, throw on some pyjamas and toss all that moist hair into the trash! In case you don’t actually need to undergo the tiring trouble of becoming dry garments each time you employ the toilet after a bathe or tub, attempt utilizing a drain strainer as an alternative. A drain strainer matches over your drain and catches free hairs earlier than they’ll clog up the pipes.

Cleaning soap Scum and Sand

This is without doubt one of the very commonest causes of blocked drains. It outcomes from exhausting water and cleaning soap mixing, forming a strong mass that clogs your drain pipes. To keep away from this drawback, use solely biodegradable detergents and keep away from harsh chemical compounds like chlorine bleach. You also needs to use chilly water at any time when doable to cut back the quantity of cleaning soap scum you produce.

Sand also can clog your drains by accumulating on the backside of the pipe, particularly when you’ve got a rubbish disposal. One of the simplest ways to stop that is to maintain your sink strainer clear always in order that sand doesn’t get into your pipes.

Deodorant Sticks

These are strong, cylindrical deodorant sticks and could be constituted of many alternative supplies. Deodorant sticks are sometimes constituted of aluminium or plastic however may also be constituted of glass or metal. Whenever you use your deodorant stick, a few of it could get caught in your drains, which may trigger them to develop into blocked. If in case you have a very cussed blockage brought on by one in all these merchandise, you might want to think about calling an expert drain cleaner to unblock it.

Sanitary Objects Such As Tampons, Nappies and Cotton Buds

These things are all infamous for clogging drains. This could occur as a result of they’re manufactured from supplies that don’t dissolve simply in water. If any of these things go down your rest room or drain, they’ll shortly get caught within the pipe and trigger a blockage. To keep away from this drawback, make sure you eliminate these things correctly by inserting them within the bins supplied by your native council or flushing them down bogs with loads of water so they may break up earlier than reaching drains.


There are quite a few the explanation why a drain could develop into blocked. Usually, they happen on account of improper drain upkeep, however there are different causes. No matter is inflicting the blockage, it’s important that you just discover the issue inflicting it and repair it as quickly as doable, even when it’s important to contain a plumber. This may assist stop additional injury, which may result in a way more severe plumbing emergency down the highway. Many individuals with blocked drains normally don’t know the place all of the blockage is coming from. So there you have got it, the commonest causes of blocked drains. Now that you just exactly know what to search for, hopefully, you’ll by no means have a blocked home drain once more.

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