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What Causes a Poor Memory?


Practically 40% of individuals expertise some type of reminiscence loss after turning 65 years previous. Nonetheless, many individuals expertise extra vital points than others and a few individuals expertise reminiscence points at a a lot youthful age.

In the event you or somebody you realize has been affected by poor reminiscence, then it’s vital that you just resolve the problem. Though getting older can result in reminiscence issues and confusion, there are different culprits as effectively.

Learn on as we inform you extra about what could cause poor reminiscence.

How Getting older Performs a Function in Reminiscence Loss

Many individuals perceive that getting older could be a large contributor to reminiscence loss.

Adults are likely to turn out to be considerably extra forgetful as they age. That is regular and normally isn’t something to fret about for probably the most half. A small quantity of reminiscence loss attributable to getting older received’t have a big effect on an individual’s life.

Alternatively, there are some adults whose reminiscence points progress and turn out to be extra vital. These reminiscence circumstances are listed beneath.

Gentle Cognitive Impairment

Gentle cognitive impairment (MCI) is a stage of reminiscence loss that goes a bit past what can be anticipated of an older grownup.

Gentle cognitive impairment might trigger somebody to neglect issues on occasion, miss appointments, or fail to comply with the thread of a dialog. Nonetheless, this early stage of reminiscence loss doesn’t normally have an effect on one’s life considerably.

Adults who’ve gentle cognitive impairment can sometimes carry out most on a regular basis duties and talk with others simply high quality, for probably the most half.


With a complicated development of reminiscence loss comes dementia.

Dementia is a set of signs that features the impairment of reminiscence, judgment, and cognitive skills. It’s a gradual development that may worsen over time and may significantly disrupt an individual’s each day life, routine, and relationships.

Dementia sometimes happens in older adults who’re 65 years of age or older. Varied illnesses can progress to dementia together with Alzheimer’s illness, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, and limbic predominant age-related TDP-43 encephalopathy (LATE).

Though there are therapies that may assist with dementia signs, there’s at present no treatment for the illness.

Different Reminiscence Loss Causes

There are various different causes of reminiscence loss in addition to these associated to getting older. Many of those are momentary or reversible points.

Listed below are a few of the causes of poor reminiscence that it is best to learn about.

Poor Sleep

One of many issues that may trigger reminiscence loss and forgetfulness is an absence of high quality sleep. High quality sleep is extra vital than individuals understand, and never getting sufficient of it might result in quite a lot of points within the thoughts and physique.

In the event you endure from sleep circumstances corresponding to insomnia or sleep apnea, you could find yourself turning into extra fatigued. This might additionally result in elevated nervousness and despair as effectively. You might also expertise reminiscence loss and mind fog issues in your each day life.

Nervousness and Stress

Whether or not it’s brought on by an absence of sleep or different causes, stress, nervousness, and despair can all result in a more durable time remembering issues. These temper points could make it more durable to pay attention and focus consideration, inflicting problem with each recalling recollections and creating new ones.

In the event you really feel stress or nervousness usually, then it is best to work to enhance your psychological well-being to cut back reminiscence points.

Thyroid Points

Thyroid issues can result in poor reminiscence as effectively. An underactive thyroid may have an effect on your reminiscence and trigger issues with remembering sure issues.

On high of this, thyroid issues can even trigger sleep and temper problems as effectively, so this could make the impact even worse.

B12 Deficiency

Being poor in B12 may additionally result in an elevated degree of forgetfulness as effectively. Many individuals are poor in B12, which is a vital nutrient for sustaining wholesome nerve perform and pink blood cells.

A vitamin B-12 deficiency is frequent in older adults, particularly these which can be over 75 years previous. Different threat elements to look out for embody consuming alcohol typically, consuming a vegetarian or vegan weight loss plan, or having a digestive system dysfunction. 


Having a behavior to eat extreme quantities of alcohol can even result in short-term reminiscence issues, even if you’re not at present consuming.

On the whole, it’s greatest to restrict your consuming as a lot as you possibly can. As a person, goal for not more than two alcoholic drinks a day. As a lady, goal for just one alcoholic drink.

This will provide you with the perfect probability of holding your reminiscence and thoughts wholesome.


Sure medicines might also result in forgetfulness and confusion as effectively. In the event you’re on any medicines, you’ll wish to communicate together with your physician to make sure that they’re not the reason for your issues.

Amongst others, some medicines which will have an effect on reminiscence embody antidepressants, tranquilizers, and blood stress medicine.

Minor Head Accidents

Minor or vital head accidents and trauma can result in reminiscence issues as effectively.

Experiencing an accident and hurting your head could make a big influence in your reminiscence. That is true even if you happen to don’t go unconscious from the accident.


In the event you expertise a stroke, you might additionally expertise reminiscence issues and an lack of ability to suppose clearly. A stroke could cause blockages within the blood vessels resulting in the mind.

Even silent strokes during which no signs are instantly noticeable can even trigger issues with mind perform as effectively.


Individuals who have aphantasia might also endure from reminiscence issues as effectively. On the very least, they could expertise recollections in numerous methods than most individuals do since they’ve the shortcoming to visualise.

You probably have both acquired or congenital aphantasia, it’s vital to grasp aphantasia results on reminiscence.

Understanding the Potential Causes of a Poor Reminiscence

In the event you or somebody you realize has been affected by poor reminiscence, it could possibly be attributable to one of many points listed above. Whereas some reminiscence decline might be anticipated attributable to getting older, there are various different causes of reminiscence loss points as effectively.

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